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Supreme Court is considering Trump's proposal to exclude illegal immigrants from census totals

On Monday, the Supreme Court will consider President Donald Trump's controversial and unprecedented efforts to exclude illegal immigrants from the total population used to allocate districts from the US House of Representatives to states.

Competitors to Trump's July directive include several states, cities, counties, and immigrant rights groups led by New York. They argued that the Republican president's move could leave several million people untold and cause California, Texas, and New Jersey to lose House seats, which are based on the state's population in the decennial census.

The court, which has a conservative 6-3 majority, including three Trump-appointed judges, is set to hear an 80-minute oral argument by telephone.

Trump lost his re-election bid on November 3. The issue centers on one of several political moves his administration is speeding up to complete before Democratic President-elect Joe Biden takes office on January 20.


29 November 2020


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