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The Ukrainian army was accused of shelling an area, injuring one

According to authorities from the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic, the Ukrainian military shelled the town of Alexandrovka in the rebel-controlled section of the Donetsk area on Saturday, injuring one civilian.

“Our brigade brought a peaceful civilian from the city of Donetsk with a gunshot wound of the left thigh”, trauma surgeon Yuriy Ponomarev told the Associated Press.

Alexandrovka lies close to the frontline, and residents continue to be shelled on a regular basis.

According to the Associated Press, local resident Valentina, who was injured in the leg amid tensions in 2015, the bombardments occur on a regular basis.

Svetlana, another local resident, said that locals had become accustomed to the shelling and were no longer terrified.

31 Jan 2022


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