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The Supreme Court blocks Georgia PSC elections

According to a lower court ruling, the voting rules currently in place discriminate against black voters, thus the Supreme Court issued an emergency order blocking the upcoming elections for Georgia's Public Service Commission on Aug. 19.

A recent Supreme Court order has been unusual in that it generally has preferred to side with voters rather than state officials when it comes to election rules, especially in emergency situations.

Electricity, natural gas, and telecommunications companies are regulated by the Public Service Commission (PSC). Five commissioners are elected. A statewide at-large election has been held since 1906 for commissioners.

If the legal dispute is not resolved soon, two of the five seats scheduled for elections on Nov. 8 may not be held.

The system “must change,” added Grimberg, who was appointed by former President Donald Trump. The challenge to the PSC elections was brought by Georgia voters, one of whom, Richard Rose, is president of the Atlanta chapter of the NAACP.

20 August 2022


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