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The New White House Press Secretary, hopes she can inspire young people to “dream bigger”

Photo Source: By The White House

The new White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, hopes that by breaking through barrier, becoming the first Black and gay woman to serve as the president's chief spokesperson, she can encourage young people to "dream big and dream bigger."

As Jean-Pierre discussed a letter her former elementary school students wrote telling her how proud of her they are, she reflected on what it means to serve as one of the most visible members of President Joe Biden's administration.

“And so what I hope is that young people get to dream big and dream bigger than they have before by seeing me stand here and answer all of your questions,” she said.

“Representation matters, and not just for girls, but also for boys,” Jean-Pierre told reporters during the first of what likely will be hundreds of daily press briefings she will hold.

17 May 2022


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