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The Left's Cultural Revolution: Absurdity and Divisiveness

In recent years, there has been a growing concern about the Left's push for a cultural revolution that seeks to undermine traditional values and institutions in America. The results of this movement, reminiscent of Maoist tactics, have been both absurd and terrifying. From the revelations of misconduct within our premier investigatory and intelligence agencies to the misguided policies and actions aimed at reparations and social justice, the Left's agenda is causing deep divisions and threatening the fabric of our society.

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Interference in Presidential Campaigns:

The recently released final report by special counsel John Durham has confirmed what many suspected: our own investigatory and intelligence agencies interfered in the 2016 and 2020 presidential campaigns. High-ranking FBI officials lied under oath, misled Congress, and altered court documents. The revelation that the FBI hired a foreign national to gather information on Donald Trump's campaign while being paid by Hillary Clinton's campaign raises serious concerns about the integrity of our democratic process.

IRS Concessions and Hunter Biden:

Further troubling is the admission by the IRS that it fired its entire audit team responsible for investigating Hunter Biden's alleged tax irregularities. This move, supposedly ordered by Attorney General Merrick Garland, raises questions about the impartiality of the Department of Justice under the Biden administration. Such actions erode public trust in our institutions and undermine the rule of law.

Reparations and Fiscal Responsibility:

The Left's flirtation with an $800 billion-dollar "reparations" payout to black residents in California is both economically reckless and morally dubious. The state is already facing a crushing $32 billion deficit, and no one can define who would qualify or explain why a state that never allowed slavery now owes selected Californians billions of dollars it does not have. Such divisive policies only serve to deepen the fault lines in our society.

Selective Outrage and Misplaced Priorities:

The recent "travel alert" issued by the NAACP, advising blacks not to visit Florida, smacks of political maneuvering. While Florida has the second largest number of black-owned businesses in the nation and comparatively lower crime rates than cities like Chicago and Baltimore, this move seems calculated to draw attention away from Governor Ron DeSantis' presidential aspirations. Such selective outrage does little to address the real issues affecting black communities.

Black Lives Matter and Financial Mismanagement:

The revelations of financial mismanagement within Black Lives Matter, leading to lost investments and huge deficits, raise serious questions about the credibility of this advocacy group. Extravagant spending and a lack of accountability for the millions of dollars received following the George Floyd riots are deeply troubling. It is essential that organizations claiming to advocate for social justice and equality demonstrate transparency and fiscal responsibility.

Sports and Fairness:

The Left's push to allow biological males to compete in women's sports threatens to undo decades of progress towards gender equality in sports. It is unfair to female athletes who are being systematically disadvantaged by competitors with inherent physiological advantages. Protecting the integrity of women's sports should be a priority, and policies that allow for a level playing field must be implemented.

Corporate America's Involvement:

Corporate America's capitulation to the demands of the cultural revolution is alarming. Companies are forsaking their brands, profits, and net worth in an attempt to appease activist groups. Examples such as the Los Angeles Dodgers reinviting a group known for its sexualized mockery of Catholic and Christian ritual and the hiring of transgender performance-art activists to promote beer reflect a lack of consideration for diverse perspectives and values.


The Left's cultural revolution is causing deep divisions within American society. From the misconduct within our intelligence agencies to the misguided policies surrounding reparations and sports, the consequences of this movement are far-reaching and alarming. It is essential that we foster open dialogue and work towards


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