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The Israeli military Says Over 9 Miles of Gaza ‘Terror Tunnel’ Destroyed in Airstrikes

The Israel Defense Forces announced the destruction of 9.3 miles of a network called the "terror tunnel" used by Hamas forces as part of their efforts to undermine terrorist groups' ability to launch attacks against Israel.

Hostilities erupted last Monday, when Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other Islamic terrorist groups fired long-range missiles at Jerusalem after weeks of clashes in the holy city between Palestinian protesters and Israeli police. Hamas said its rocket attack was in response to weeks of tension over a judicial case to expel several Palestinian families in East Jerusalem, and in response to the Israeli police response to the Palestinian protests.

In response, Israel launched more than 1,000 precision artillery shells and aerial attacks against Hamas and other targets that are often constructed near civilian monuments on the densely populated coastal strip.

“Our fighter jets neutralized 9.3 miles of the Hamas ‘Metro’ terror tunnel system overnight. That’s 9.3 miles that can no longer be used for terror,” according to a statement on the official Twitter account of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) on Monday.

CTM News

17 May 2021

Mary Hill

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