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The House and Senate have approved a measure that will require voter ID in Arizona in November

A measure going on the November ballot would drastically increase the requirements for obtaining identification for Arizonans who want to vote both in-person and by mail.

“We are so proud to announce that the voter ID act has passed out of the house, it will be on the ballot in November,” Swoboda said. “Thank you to everyone for making this happen. This is going to be a great election cycle, the people will be heard.”

Arizona voters simply sign their names, which are compared against the signatures on their voter registration documents.

Republicans argued that Arizona's voter ID laws allow for voter fraud and illegal votes, especially in light of accusations of voter fraud that have surfaced in Arizona in the presidential election of 2020.

The Florida-based Cyber Ninjas company has conducted an independent audit of 53,305 ballots, finding numerous ballot discrepancies and potential issues.

Voter identification requirements will be applicable to elections beginning no later than the 2024 primary election.

1st March 2022


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