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The Capitol Police is asking for the National Guard to be extended beyond March 12th

The US Capitol Police announced Thursday that it has asked the Department of Defense to extend support for the National Guard on Capitol Hill beyond March 12.

The official request came from Yogananda Pittman, Acting Head of Capitol Police.

"The administration takes its mission very seriously and will do everything in its power to accomplish that mission," said an announcement from the Capitol Police. "The USCP is extremely grateful for the support provided by the Department of Defense and the National Guard since January 6. We understand that the Guard has an enormous need for domestic service in response to the COVID-19 pandemic."

Rep. Elisa Slotkin (D-Michigan), a former Pentagon official and member of the House Armed Services Committee, announced on Twitter on Thursday: “I heard from National Guard contacts that the US Capitol is communicating with the police. A one-day mission. Guard in and around the Capitol Building And that the guards are asking the states to send contributions. "


5 March 2021


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