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The blacklisting campaign to destroy Ellen Degeneres

The blacklisting campaign to destroy Ellen DeGeneres appears to be working. her show rating was down by 38% compared to the same week last year.

"I knew things that happened here should never have happened. I take it very seriously and want to say that I feel very sorry for the people affected." "I know I'm in a position of privilege and strength, and I know that comes with responsibility, and I take responsibility for what happens in my show."

“Being known as a“ beautiful woman ”is a difficult situation for you to be in,” DeGeneres added. “The truth is that I'm the person you see on TV. I also have many other things. Sometimes I feel sad, angry, anxious, frustrated, and impatient. And I'm working on all of that.

"I'm working particularly on the impatience thing," she joked. "It's not going well, because it's not happening fast enough."

All this hatred, all these accusations came out because Ellen DeGeneres dared to treat former President George W. Bush as a human being because she enjoyed watching a football match with him because she refused to apologize for her friendship with him. the man.

This kind of political backlash cannot be tolerated in modern McCarthyite Hollywood. Oh, and that wasn't enough to teach Eileen a lesson ... No, he had to be an example so that others wouldn't even dare to think of a similar act of political apostasy.

Hollywood and the national media said, Look at Ellen. Learn what we can do with one of America's most powerful, successful, and beloved personalities. Ellen DeGeneres is a bloody American institution, and we have destroyed it. Imagine what we can do for you.

I've always loved Ellen DeGeneres. I hate his obnoxious politics, but I'm not surprised he can be a human being to Former President George W. Bush.

Nor am I surprised that he would pay to recognize Bush's humanity in his career.


8 October 2020


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