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Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller Joins Governor Abbott in Border Defense

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller has pledged his unwavering support for Governor Greg Abbott's efforts to combat the ongoing border crisis. In a recent Facebook post, Miller declared his solidarity with Abbott, vowing to stand shoulder to shoulder in defense of the Lone Star State against what he termed an "invasion."

"The total failure of the Biden Administration to stop it," Miller lamented, referring to the influx of migrants crossing into Texas, reflects what he perceives as a systemic breakdown in federal immigration policies.

The commissioner's remarks underscore a growing frustration among conservative leaders in Texas over what they perceive as Washington's inability to enforce immigration laws effectively.

Miller's public declaration of support comes amid heightened tensions over border security, with Texas facing an unprecedented surge in illegal crossings. Governor Abbott has already taken bold steps to address the crisis, deploying National Guard troops and allocating significant resources to fortify the border.

In aligning himself with Abbott's stance, Miller signals a unified front among Texas Republicans in the face of what they view as a dire threat to the state's safety and integrity. Both men have been vocal critics of the Biden Administration's immigration policies, accusing the White House of prioritizing political expediency over national security.

As Texas grapples with the consequences of a porous border, Miller's pledge to stand with Governor Abbott sends a clear message: the Lone Star State will not waver in its commitment to safeguarding its citizens and upholding the rule of law. With the support of conservative leaders like Miller, Abbott remains resolute in his determination to defend Texas from what he perceives as an existential threat posed by unchecked illegal immigration.


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