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Taiwan's overreaction caused China to overreact

According to a White House official, President Joe Biden will likely meet with Chinese Communist Party China leader Xi Jinping later this year.

A face-to-face meeting between Biden and Xi was agreed to during their last conference call in July, but there was no time or location disclosed by Kurt Campbell, White House Coordinator for the Indo-Pacific.

Beijing has been increasingly bellicose in its rhetoric, with outright threats of war against the United States during a recent phone call with Xi, who said the United States was "playing with fire" when allowing congressional delegations to visit Taiwan.

China series of escalatory military exercises around Taiwan was launched as a result of Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan two years ago.

China conducted these exercises over Taiwan and landed ballistic missiles in Japan's exclusive economic zone, which was widely condemned by the international community.

12 August 2022


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