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Supreme Court Allows Release of Trump Taxes to NY City Prosecutor

On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled that it will not block a grand jury from obtaining tax returns for former President Donald Trump and other financial records as part of a criminal investigation.

Judges rejected Trump's request to stop the lower court's October 7 ruling ordering former Commander-in-Chief's accounting firm Mazars USA to comply with a subpoena to hand over taxes and documents to a Manhattan grand jury. Prosecutor Cyrus Vance, Democrat.

A New York grand jury will be able to obtain and examine the records in secret, which means that the records will not be released anytime soon, although the possibility of leaks to old media cannot be ruled out.

The court issued one ruling on Monday (pdf): "The suspension request submitted to Judge Breyer was rejected and referred to the court." The judges did not provide any explanation.


22 Feb 2021


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