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Speaker Pelosi departs Taiwan

Speaker Pelosi left Taiwan for South Korea after spending about 19 hours on the island. The trip was Pelosi's first in 25 years as a senior U.S. official.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

In the 6:00 pm early evening of Aug. 3, Pelosi left the Taiwan's Capitol for the airport. A senior ruling party legislator said she met with Mark Liu, chairman of Taiwan's TSMC semiconductor company.

The CHIPS and Science Act, which Congress passed in late July, was a topic of discussion between Pelosi and Liu, according to Ker. Pelosi and TSMC have neither commented on the meeting at the time of writing.

Over $52 billion in subsidies are provided to the semiconductor industry as part of the bill. Overall, $280 billion will be allocated in subsidies, tax breaks, and research grants to boost the semiconductor industry at home.

In addition to producing the most advanced chips, TSMC is among a handful of companies that make everything from cellphones to missile systems, so the United States considers it a vital supplier.

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