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Senator Rick Scott: Biden should go visit the border crisis that he created

(Greg Nash/Pool via AP)

Senator Rick Scott said Tuesday that President Joe Biden has created the crisis on the nation's borders and he should go there as quickly as possible to see what he has done and what he can do to fix it.

"We need to secure the borders and do it humanely," the Florida Republican said on Fox Business's "Morning With Maria" program, adding that he hoped the American people would demand accountability in the upcoming elections for the situation on the border and other actions Biden took. . Proceed. Taken since he was sworn in.

“I think the American public is tired of this,” Scott said. "They want safe borders, they want our schools to be open, they don't want to increase taxes. They want us to support law enforcement. Democrats are on the other side of the problem."

Scott said he recently took an airlift with Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey and saw work completed on the border wall and technology paid for by US taxpayers, but the Biden administration said it would not be used.


23 March 2021


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