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Senator Cruz: The Biden director has so far eased the pressure on Communist China

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) raised the alarm about what he saw as a "systematic decision pattern" by the Biden administration to "embrace" Communist China.

"So far, every measure and every nomination we've seen from the fledgling Biden administration, with regard to China, has reduced scrutiny, reduced sanctions, and reduced pressure on Communist China," Cruz said in a speech during a Senate meeting. Tuesday.

Cruz was opposed to confirming President Joe Biden's election to Commerce Secretary Gina Raymondo, who is believed to have joined the "rush to embrace the worst elements of the Chinese Communist Party".

Raimondo, the governor of Rhode Island, declined to clarify whether she would keep the trade restrictions imposed on the Chinese telecom giant Huawei, which Cruz described as "the Chinese Communist Party's spy agency". The Senate on Tuesday voted 84-15 to confirm her appointment as the next Secretary of Commerce.


3 March 2021


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