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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell McConnell urges passage of the defense bill

Mitch McConnell urges passage of a long-range defense policy bill that President Trump has threatened to veto.

Mitch McConnell, said Thursday it is important for Congress to continue a series of nearly 60 years of passing the National Defense Authorization Act, which calls for a 3% pay increase for U.S. forces and authorizes billions. In military and construction programs.

The Democratic-controlled House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed the defense bill on Tuesday, challenging Trump's threat of a veto, and setting up a potential showdown with the Republican president in the final days of his administration.

“This NDAA will unlock more than $740 billion for the training, tools and cutting-edge equipment that our service members and civilian employees need to defend American lives and American interests,” It will give our troops the 3% pay raise they deserve. It’ll keep our forces ready to deter China and stand strong in the Indo-Pacific.'''' Mitch McConnell said.

A total of 140 Republicans joined 195 Democrats in approving the bill, which garnered more than 80% support from the House of Representatives, well over the two-thirds support required to override a potential veto.


10 Dec 2020


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