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Save energy by showering together, says Swiss Environment Minister

In an effort to cut energy consumption this winter and avoid power cuts, Switzerland's environment minister recommended people shower together.

62-year-old Simonetta Sommaruga advised people to regulate their energy consumption by turning off the computer when they don't need it, keeping the lights off, and taking showers together, The Times reported.

According to the report, she made her suggestions in response to questions from readers of 20 Minuten, the Swiss newspaper.

If the situation doesn’t improve and further shortages are seen, the Swiss Federal Council could implement “consumption restrictions, bans, and quota systems,” according to local reports.

That month, officials also began a campaign titled “Energy is limited. Let’s not waste it,” which called on people to help ensure the country avoids an energy shortage ahead of winter by using less water, switching off electrical appliances and lights when they aren’t in use, and lowering their heating temperatures.

19 September 2022


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