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Russian oligarchs and Putin's allies' wealth monitored in new asset tracker

Russian Asset Tracker is a database of important assets held by prominent Russian oligarchs and others close to Russian President Vladimir Putin, recently launched by a nonprofit network dedicated to uncovering organized crime.

In February 2022, as Russian troops were building up near the Ukrainian border, the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project developed the initiative with 27 media outlets.

A report by jailed opposition leader Alexei Navalny began with the names of 35 individuals named as taxpayers and 'key enablers' of the Kremlin.

Over 150 assets worth more than $17.5 billion were discovered as a result of the OCCRP initiative. Putin's associates have learned to hide their wealth, OCCRP reports, relying on "armies of lawyers" to obscure their wealth and hide it in secret bank accounts and offshore corporations following the invasion of Ukraine.

“Figuring out who owns what, and how much of it, is a tall order even for experienced police investigators. That’s why we decided to follow the trail, tracking down as many of these assets as possible and compiling them in a database for the public to see and use,” the organization said on its website.

23 March 2022


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