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Russia renews its attack on Ukraine in key eastern cities

Russians want to take back the surrounding Luhansk region by capturing Sievierodonetsk. On Wednesday, Russian forces again pressed forward against Ukrainian troops trapped in the ruins of the industrial city.

A U.N plan to open a corridor for Ukrainian grain exports in the Black Sea was discussed by Turkey's foreign minister. Russia's Sergei Lavrov said Ukraine must de-mine its ports before allowing foreign forces to attack. Kyiv worries this move will make the country more vulnerable to attack from the sea.

Russian forces will further increase their shelling and bombardment of both Sievierodonetsk and its smaller twin city of Lysychansk on the west bank of the Siverskyi Donets River, he claimed.

Russian forces have been focused for weeks now on seizing Sievierodonetsk, which was home to some 106,000 people before Moscow invaded Ukraine on Feb. 24. The Luhansk region’s governor said Ukrainian forces would not surrender the city.

8 June 2022


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