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Russia regrouped to take Ukraine's east, says NATO

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said on Tuesday that Russia is likely to launch a new offensive in eastern Ukraine in the coming months, adding that NATO states are assisting to prepare the Ukrainian military.

“We now see a significant movement of (Russian) troops away from Kyiv to regroup, re-arm and re-supply and shift their focus to the east,” Stoltenberg told a news conference in Brussels, adding that Russia will conduct a “very special” offensive in the Donbas region.

It will take some time for the Russian troops to be repositioned, he said, adding that "in the meantime, NATO allies must provide support."

A Russian defense ministry announcement announced late last month that its forces will withdraw from Kyiv and its outlying regions as well as the Chernihiv region. Russia will instead try to refocus its attention on Donbas and southern Ukraine, according to the Ministry of Defense.

During the meeting, Stoltenberg said, the foreign ministers will discuss ways to supply Ukraine with more antitank weapons, ammunition, and medical supplies.

5 April 2022


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