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Russia and Ukraine conflict could cause a food crisis, warns World Bank chief

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A food crisis caused by full-scale Russian invasion in Ukraine could leave millions in poverty. The World Bank has warned of a "human catastrophe."

There could be a "huge" jump in food prices of 37 percent, according to the World Bank. That will have a devastating impact on the poor who will never be able to feed themselves or afford other necessities, such as schooling, Malpass said. The result of this is that it's a really unfair type of crisis.". The poor are the hardest hit. The same was true of COVID.”

“It’s a human catastrophe, meaning nutrition goes down. But then it also becomes a political challenge for governments who can’t do anything about it, they didn’t cause it and they see the prices going up,” Malpass said.

He also said there needs to be more of a focus on boosting supplies of fertilizers and food across the world and assisting the poorest of people while discouraging countries from subsidizing production or capping prices.

21 April 2022

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