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Republican Senators are urging HHS not to use X Title for abortions funds

Republican Senator Sen. Joni Ernst and Republican senators in sending a letter Monday urging the US Department of Health and Human Services not to use Title X money to support programs that provide abortions, according to the Daily Caller News Foundation.

“As Members of Congress, we have a unique Constitutional interest and oversight role in ensuring regulations governing the Title X program comport with the law and Congressional intent,” the senators wrote.

The letter is a response to President Joe Biden's to undo former President Donald Trump’s Protect Life Rule, which prevented Title X funds for the family planning program from moving to organizations that conduct or promote abortions.

In July 2019, Trump ordered an end to funding for X funds if women refer to abortion. The rules of the former president require that organizations that perform abortions and evacuations do so in separate buildings from those that receive federal funds from Title X.

Biden took quick steps to reverse the policy. In an executive order on January 28, the new chief instructed HHS to review Chapter X family planning regulations and consider "as soon as practicable, whether to comment, revise the proposed rules, rescind, post a notice and comment on, review, or repeal these regulations."

“Abortion is not family planning; the senators wrote,“ It is the destruction of the family. ”This principle is enshrined in the approval of Title X in Section 1008 of the Public Health Act. The proposed rule is against the law and will deduct tens of millions of dollars in taxpayer money from Chapter X for the planned parenting and abortion industry, at the expense of US taxpayers, health care providers' consciences, and the lives of unborn children. "

The Iowa senator Introduced laws in April that banned taxpayer money from going into Planned Parenthood and instead redirected that money to other qualified healthcare providers. The bill also promises to ensure that federal funding for women's health care is not cut.

Republican senators called on the Department of Justice in May 2020 to investigate reports that 37 Planned Parenthood affiliates have applied for coronavirus funding and received more than $ 80 million "even though they already knew they were ineligible for such loans." Questionable

Then, Republican lawmakers asked SBA Director Jovita Carranza to investigate how the 37 subsidiaries of Planned Parenthood obtained $ 80 million in loans. The Republican legislature again asked the Small Business Agency to investigate PPP loans in January, accusing the Parenthood Foundation of knowingly obtaining the loans even though they are ineligible.

18 May 2021

Mary Gill


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