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Republican confidence soars with Johnson, Thune

Republicans Sens. John Thune (S.D.) and Ron Johnson (Wis.) decided to run for reelection for a second term after publicly debating whether to retire from Congress for months. Their decision reflects growing confidence among Republican lawmakers that they'll win back the majority in the next election.

There had been strong speculation among political pundits about Thune's future, including a concern he might retire rather than seek a chance to lead the Senate GOP. His public disagreements with former President Trump, as well as Trump's threat to retaliate against him in the primary, had added to the debate.

“The political environment is going to be really good for us. The Democrats have overreached, people are going to want a check and balance. The question is, of course, in all these states [where] we have open seats if we can nominate electable people. If we do and we have quality candidates, then I think the sky’s the limit,” Thune.

11 Jan 2022


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