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Pentagon: Russian convoy near Kyiv stuck

According to an update from Press Secretary John Kirby on Monday, the Russian convoy toward Kyiv has stalled.

From near Prybisk in the north to near the Antonov airport in the south, the convoy stretched over 40 miles. Before the war started, the convoy was moving steadily south. It seems, however, that progress has almost stalled last week.

We can't even tell if it's one convoy or several, it's a long convoy. We can't say which convoy it is. As it remains stalled, our best assessment remains this," Kirby said at a press conference.

Kirby highlighted the Pentagon's lack of visibility on the convoy, noting that it believes the objective is to resupply in Kyiv.

According to the aerial photographs, a great deal of it appears to be armored vehicles, but it is actually resupply trucks. The ground is not devoid of combat vehicles," he said.

Kirby told reporters that although there is no perfect view of the situation, it is mainly about resupplying that is stalled. The process is still stuck.

He said they probably did not anticipate such problems or the extent of Ukrainian resistance, and it appears the Russians are regrouping and reevaluating the reasons for their slow progress.

12 days after Russian President Vladimir Putin's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Kirby told reporters Monday that morale remains a problem for many Russian forces.

“I can’t begin to speculate why he [Putin] would find it necessary to seek help from foreign fighters,” he added, noting that the Pentagon believes Russian forces are having morale problems, supply problems, fuel problems, and food problems.

8 March 2022


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