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Pentagon official: Russian troops are experiencing a drop in morale

The senior U.S. official on the call told reporters that intelligence has indicated that morale is dipping in some Russian units.

As Russian forces pounded Kharkiv in the border city, Kyiv residents were warned to leave their homes. After meeting stout resistance from Ukraine's military, it's likely that Russian commanders will change their tactics.

A column of armored vehicles and tanks several miles in length was visible in satellite photos. It has been reported that a TV tower in Kyiv was struck by a missile fired by Moscow, which announced its plans to target targets in the Ukrainian capital.

“We have picked up independently on our own, indications that morale is flagging in some of these units. That they again did not expect the resistance that they were going to get, and that their own morale has suffered as a result,” the official told reporters Tuesday.
A large number of Russian troops that are being used in the invasion of Ukraine are “conscripts” and “very young men drafted into service,” the official added. The official did not say how that intelligence was gathered.

Kremlin state-run media warned residents to evacuate their homes, but did not mention where the targets were. In videos uploaded to social media, strikes were shown in various parts of the 3 million-person city.

1st March 2022


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