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On March 5, Austria will remove most COVID-19 restrictions

According to the Austrian government, most restrictions imposed by COVID-19 will be lifted on March 5, though wearing masks in some places will remain mandatory.

At a news conference in Vienna, Chancellor Karl Nehammer announced his decision. Austria, the first country to enshrine vaccinations as a law for most adults, noted that the pandemic is not yet over, but that a stabilization of new infections will allow it to gradually open up.

The first step will be to eliminate the requirement of proof of vaccination or recent recovery starting Saturday for events, restaurants, bars, and hairdressers, as well as many other activities. Negative tests for those things will suffice.

According to Nehammer, the bulk of the restrictions that burden the people so much will end on March 5.

Night clubs will reopen and a midnight curfew on restaurant and bar opening hours will be lifted, eliminating entry requirements and most other restrictions.

In public transportation, essential shops, and pharmacies, Nehammer said that holding FFP2 masks is an absolute necessity to protect vulnerable groups. At hospitals and nursing homes, staff and visitors will continue to be required to show proof of a negative test.

There will be a relaxation of the entry requirements for Austrian citizens Currently, travelers must provide proof of recent vaccination, as well as either a positive test or a booster shot. A vaccination certificate or proof of recovery, or a negative test, will suffice as of March 5.

17 Feb 2022


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