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NYC workers who are unvaccinated face being fired next week amid slowing COVID shots

Municipal employees, including police and firefighters, who have not been vaccinated have been notified that they may lose their jobs if they fail to get their coronavirus vaccines by the end of next week.

This week, Adams sent out letters to affected workers informing them that they have until Feb. 11 to get vaccinated.

Adams argued that the April 1 deadline relates to safety, arguing that the mandate to vaccinate city employees has been in effect for long enough.

A mayor said recently, "Safety is not only to stop bullets, knives, or other items, but it is also COVID since COVID is killing people. "We must enforce the rule if you are a city employee, which is to get vaccinated."

About 1,000 workers haven't presented proof of obtaining a second vaccine dose since former Mayor Bill de Blasio first announced the mandate on Aug. 2 - the date when the policy was first implemented.

According to City Hall, workers who hold city-backed health insurance and have been on leave without vaccination are not affected by next week's deadline and can stay off the books until at least June 30, although the number of those workers was not immediately known.

2 Feb 2022

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