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North Korea nuclear threat: US to adjust military position

According to the special envoy for North Korea, as Pyongyang appears to be preparing to conduct a nuclear test, the United States is prepared to adjust its military posture to deter North Korean provocations.

Using North Korea's official acronym, Kim said, "We want to make it clear that the international community will not accept illegal and destabilizing activities in North Korea as normal, as we do not accept these actions as normal."

Washington has assessed that North Korea is preparing for “what would be its seventh nuclear test” at its Punggye-ri testing site, Kim said, adding that the assessment is consistent with Pyongyang’s recent public statements.

“We are prepared to make both short and longer-term adjustments to our military posture as appropriate and responding to any [North Korea] provocation and as necessary to strengthen both defense and deterrence to protect our allies in the region,” he said.

4 June 2022


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