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Newt Gingrich Declares Trump’s Iowa Victory a Triumph for American Democracy

Washington, D.C., January 18, 2024

Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, hails Donald Trump's decisive victory in Iowa as not just a personal triumph but a win for the American people and democracy as a whole. In a statement released today, Gingrich asserts that despite relentless attacks from the media, political lawsuits, and establishment efforts to undermine Trump, the people of Iowa have unequivocally declared him as their candidate.

“Trump is the Republican nominee. Everyone who is upset about that needs to get over it,” Gingrich boldly states, expressing confidence that Trump will continue his winning streak in New Hampshire later this month and in South Carolina next month. He predicts that by Super Tuesday on March 5, the race will effectively be over, asserting, “in my view, it’s over now.”

Gingrich attributes Trump's continued success to the fact that he is not just a candidate but the leader of a nationwide movement that aims to reclaim power from the establishment. According to Gingrich, this is the driving force behind Trump's resilience in the face of attacks and challenges.

“This is why all the establishment’s attacks aren’t working with Americans,” Gingrich asserts. “Every time Trump is attacked in court or in the media, he gets stronger. People see a corrupt establishment desperately trying to protect itself – despite the will of the people.”

The former Speaker of the House contends that Trump's popularity is rooted in his representation of a genuine democratic movement, and the American people are not swayed by what they perceive as attempts by the establishment to thwart their choice.

Gingrich's remarks come amid a highly charged political atmosphere, with the 2024 presidential race gaining momentum. As the nation looks ahead to the upcoming primaries, Gingrich's perspective reflects the ongoing polarization in American politics and the continued influence of Trump's movement within the Republican Party. The Iowa victory, in Gingrich's view, signals a clear mandate from the people, setting the stage for what he believes will be Trump's inevitable triumph in the primaries to come.


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