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Mitch McConnell: $2000 direct payments to households as socialism for rich people


Senate Majority Leader McConnell described the $ 2,000 $2000 direct payments to households as socialism for rich people arguing that a specific loosening of the stimulus bill was needed.

“Our colleagues who purport to be the champions of vulnerable Americans now say that what struggling people really need is for Congress to stop focusing on targeted relief for them specifically and to instead send thousands of dollars to people who don’t need the help,” Mitch McConnell

“Socialism for rich people—that’s what Speaker Pelosi and Senator Sanders have sketched out. A terrible way to help those who need it. Experts across the political spectrum agree,” McConnell said.

President Donald Trump criticized the stimulus bill passed by Congress, calling for direct payments of $ 2,000, instead of the $ 600 that was included in the bill. The president later signed the bill on Sunday and asked Congress to scrap some measures not related to the pandemic.

Democrats used McConnell's words and moved to block unanimous approval of direct payments of $ 2,000 to cast a shadow over the imminent run-off for the Georgia Senate.

“There is one way, and only one way, to pass $2,000 checks before the end of the year, and that’s to pass the House bill,” Senator Schumer said. “Either the Senate takes up and passes the House bill or struggling Americans will not get $2,000 checks during the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression,” Senator Schumer added

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31 Dec 2020

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