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Misinformation about COVID-19 from CDC compromises First Amendment rights: Legal advocacy group

As a result of the pandemic, America First Legal (AFL) sued the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to force the release of communications between the federal public health agency and social media companies. Documents obtained by AFL, a legal nonprofit run by former Trump administration officials, indicate that the CDC flagged and censored COVI-19 misinformation posted by Big Tech companies.

"We are regularly alerting social media platforms to the latest narratives, damaging to public health, that Americans are seeing across social and traditional media," Psaki told reporters in July 2021. To better understand how social media platform policies are enforced, we engage with them."

Over a year later, Hamilton said, “we finally have some of the very first records that establish precisely what Jen Psaki was talking about at the White House podium.” He described the records received thus far to be “incredibly illuminating because they actually show what the White House said was happening.” Prior to this, no one had direct evidence of the collaboration, he added.

1st August 2022


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