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Mike Pence Reaffirms Unwavering Support for Israel at CUFI Summit

Former Vice President Mike Pence addressed a fervent crowd at the Christians United for Israel (CUFI) Summit in Arlington, Virginia, on July 17, expressing his unwavering support for the longstanding alliance between the United States and Israel. The event took place on the eve of a controversial U.S. visit from Israeli President Isaac Herzog, drawing attention to the significance of the partnership between the two nations.

Photo, Gage Skidmore

During his passionate speech, Mr. Pence reassured the audience of his continued dedication to defending America's most cherished ally, Israel. As a long-time advocate for the Jewish state, Pence's commitment has been deeply rooted in both his Christian faith and his political ideology. He emphasized how many conservative Christians, including himself, view Israel as a fulfillment of biblical prophecies and thus deserving of divine protection.

The former vice president received the prestigious Defender of Israel award from CUFI's founder, Rev. John Hagee. This honor recognized Pence's steadfast and enduring service to Israel and the Jewish people throughout his career, from his time as a congressman to governor and finally as vice president.

Speaking about his vision for reasserting American leadership in the world, Pence underscored the vital role of the U.S.-Israel alliance in promoting peace and stability. Citing the successful Abraham Accords brokered by former President Donald Trump, Pence asserted that unequivocal support for Israel can foster diplomatic breakthroughs and make peace more attainable.

Pence also took the opportunity to address pressing international concerns, criticizing the recent U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan under President Joe Biden and accusing Russian President Vladimir Putin of opportunism in his actions towards Ukraine. By highlighting these geopolitical challenges, Pence underscored the importance of strong American leadership in safeguarding global stability.

Throughout his speech, the former vice president recounted various actions taken during the Trump-Pence administration that further solidified their support for Israel. These actions included passing the Taylor Force Act, which withheld U.S. aid to the Palestinian Authority until it ceased payments to a fund supporting the families of deceased terrorists, relocating the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, recognizing Israel's sovereignty over the Golan Heights, and withdrawing the United States from the Iran Nuclear Deal. Each mention garnered applause from the enthusiastic audience, signaling their agreement with these policy decisions.

Mr. Pence's speech at the CUFI Summit marks a significant moment for both the pro-Israel advocacy group and the former vice president. As the world closely watches the developments between Israel and the U.S., Pence's unwavering commitment to the alliance reinforces the enduring bond between the two nations. The event also showcased the influence of faith-based organizations in shaping U.S. foreign policy, highlighting the significance of religious convictions in political decision-making.

As Israeli President Isaac Herzog's U.S. visit commences amid tensions and uncertainties in the region, the words of Mike Pence serve as a reminder of the strong and enduring partnership between the United States and Israel.


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