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Mariupol is under pressure as Russia focuses on Ukraine's east

Mariupol, a key battleground in Moscow's new offensive to take control of Ukraine's eastern industrial heartland, saw Russian forces press a stubborn pocket of resistance Wednesday amid renewed hopes for an evacuation of thousands of civilians.

Moreover, Russian forces have also increased their operations along a boomerang-shaped front that extends several hundred miles elsewhere in the Donbas, a region that is home to several coal mines, metal plants, and factories that are vital for Ukraine's economy.

Russian Defense Ministry said Wednesday its forces kept up intense attacks on Ukrainian targets, hitting 1,053 with artillery and 73 with airstrikes. Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov also said there had been missile strikes on concentrations of Ukrainian troops and vehicles in the Kherson Region in southern Ukraine. Those claims could not be independently verified.

20 April 2022


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