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MAGA Republicans & Supporters feel less safe in America under Biden Administration

Dr. Carol M. Swain said Friday she was still recovering from watching President Joe Biden's divisive speech on Thursday, prime time.

During her speech, Biden called Republican supporters of America like Swain, enemies of the state, and anti-democratic because, she said, they ask questions, love America, and care about the future.

In an interview with the Epoch Times, Swain said, "I do think conservatives feel less safe now than before his speech."

Likewise, she believes Biden wanted to create a false dichotomy between good and evil among Republicans.

Swain, a conservative, explained that the views he holds would fall under his label of evil, threatening, anti-Americanism. “The way he was framing this speech, attacking and MAGA Republicans, he was also using that white supremacist label.”

This makes her wonder why he would attack MAGA, the people who are committed to building a stronger nation.

“There’s no one that can look at America today from anywhere in the world, and not to say that we haven’t declined,” Swain said. “I felt that he was putting a target on our backs. And people who have been proud MAGA Republicans might begin to become fearful.”

That would not be the right response, she says. Swain believes MAGA Americans should embrace the label just as Hillary Clinton regarded Republicans as deplorable.

3 September 2022


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