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Mace to Win Reelection Despite Trump Opposition

The Republican representative from South Carolina said in an interview she is confident she will win reelection despite facing President Trump, whose endorsement or opposition carries considerable weight with GOP voters.

Mace told The State newspaper in South Carolina on Jan. 15 that "I'm gonna win without [Trump]."

The longtime congressman and former governor of South Carolina was defeated in the 2018 election by Arrington, who won the Republican nomination to run against former Rep. Joe Cunningham (D-South Carolina) in Charleston and its surrounding areas. During their public feud, Trump and Sanford surprised everyone by winning the primary.

The general election saw Arrington lose to Cunningham by just 1.4 points.

Trump is confident that Arrington will be able to win the general election this year, blaming the defeat on a bad car crash Arrington had just a few days before the election, preventing him from campaigning in the crucial days leading up to the election.

The Republican candidate for president in 2020, Mace, was a successful candidate. After her primary victory, Mace received a ringing endorsement from Trump.

In a tweet, Trump said, “Congratulations on last night’s big win [Nancy Mace]! Keep up the great work so we can #MAGA! We need you in Washington fast! You have my Complete and Total Endorsement!”

In the wake of the event's breakdown of order, which he was roundly critical of the day before, Trump has denied any responsibility. Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund, who repeatedly requested the National Guard to be dispatched ahead of the event, and Trump and his congressional allies have blamed Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) instead for the breakdown.

Trump called Mace, who endorsed Arrington, an "absolutely terrible candidate whose remarks and attitude have been devastating for her community and haven't been representative of the Republican Party to which she has been very unfaithful."

The opposition to Trump has proved fatal for many Republican candidates. The endorsement of Donald Trump, even though he is no longer in the White House, continues to have a dramatic impact on Republican voters' voting habits.

21 Feb 2022

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