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Leftist ideology manifests itself in the Ukraine conflict

Some conservatives ignore the fact that the Ukraine disaster is yet another manifestation of leftist ideology. As part of a typical conservative critique, the United States is criticized for its self-inflicted weakness regarding energy production and bungled operations in Afghanistan. Those are just a few of the problems. It's a more urgent issue of foolishness and cultural hubris that seeks to reshape the world into a liberal-left hegemony.

Despite the warnings of responsible scholars and statesmen, Russia's attack was not only predictable and predictable; it was also avoidable and enableable.

However the war turns out (and Russia appears to have overreached in a grave way), the country is no longer eligible to join NATO as it has snuffed out any possibility of it joining. No one was surprised that NATO would not defend Ukraine. Similarly, what was the reason we did not heed the warnings from respected authorities that we should not pursue NATO membership for Ukraine and should take Russian security concerns seriously?

Despite being weak globally, Russia skillfully kept NATO and EU at a distance by enclosing itself with frozen conflicts.

As a consequence of the post-World War I settlement, we should have learned the consequences of humiliating a defeated adversary (which is what we have done to Russia despite our rhetoric claiming everyone has won the Cold War) by boxing him into a corner and poking him with a stick, at the very least you should expect him to lash out in a rage.

30 March 2022


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