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Jill Biden Sets Out on Solo Fundraising Tour for President Biden's Reelection Campaign

First lady Jill Biden is hitting the campaign trail once again, this time embarking on her first solo trip for the 2024 campaign season. Following her return from a successful six-day trip abroad, she is now gearing up to raise funds for President Joe Biden's reelection campaign, working tirelessly to secure a second term for her husband.

First Lady Jill Biden | Photo By: Photographer/ NJ Governor's Office

During her three-day fundraising tour, Jill Biden will make stops in key cities including New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. The primary focus of her visit will be attending four political events, with two of them taking place in California's Bay Area. These events aim to generate crucial financial support for the president's campaign, the Democratic National Committee, and Democratic state party committees.

In addition to her fundraising efforts, Jill Biden will join forces with Gabrielle Giffords in Los Angeles to commemorate 30 years of anti-gun violence work by the Giffords Law Center. Giffords, a former Arizona congresswoman, miraculously survived a gunshot wound to the head during a constituent event in 2011. The first lady's presence at this event highlights her commitment to addressing the issue of gun violence and supporting organizations that strive for change.

Jill Biden's active engagement in the 2024 election cycle follows her involvement in the 2020 and 2022 campaigns. At 72 years old, she continues to play a vital role in assisting the Democratic Party in strengthening its resources and infrastructure. By championing the administration's achievements and legislation, such as COVID-19 relief funds for school reopenings and infrastructure investments, she aims to remind supporters of the importance of their vote and the high stakes involved.

Despite President Biden's approval ratings remaining below 50 percent, the first lady remains steadfast in her support. During the fall of 2022, she participated in nearly 40 campaign and fundraising events across more than a dozen states. Often appearing alongside candidates facing tough reelection battles, Jill Biden effectively stood in for the president, who is nine years her senior.

Although Republicans regained control of the House of Representatives, Democrats managed to retain the Senate and even gained one additional seat in that chamber. Jill Biden's proactive involvement in the upcoming election seeks to bolster Democratic support and advance the president's agenda. By reinforcing the importance of electing more Democrats to Congress, she aims to ensure the continuation of the administration's policies and initiatives.

As the first lady sets out on her solo fundraising tour, her efforts will be instrumental in energizing the Democratic base and rallying support for President Biden's reelection bid. With each event and every donation, Jill Biden is playing a crucial role in shaping the political landscape and working towards securing another term for her husband in the White House.


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