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ISIS claims responsibility for the killing of two Israeli police officers

The terror group Islamic State (ISIS) claimed responsibility for an attack in northern Israel on Sunday that killed two Israeli border police officers.

Another civilian was wounded in the attack carried out in Hadera, according to the local media.

Times of Israel reported the officers' names as Yezen Falah and Shirel Abukarat. Both officers are 19 years old.

According to Border Police, two officers lost their lives in combat with armed terrorists this evening, praising their bravery in defending the country.

The attack resulted in the deaths of two civilians and minor injuries to four others. The Jerusalem Post reports that five passersby also developed post-traumatic stress syndrome following the attack.

1,100 hundred bullets, three handguns, and six knives were allegedly brought to a bus station by terrorists. Times of Israel reports that they began shooting at the two victims, and that they seized a rifle belonging to one of them.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry said in a tweet that all the foreign ministers participating in the summit condemned the Hadera attack and asked to send their condolences to the families of the victims.

28 March 2022


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