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Illegal drug 'ice' worth $1.6 billion seized at Australian border

At a Sydney port, Australian police have found a massive haul of the illegal drug "ice" worth A$1.6 billion (US$1.1 billion).

In July, the Australian Border Force inspected a number of sea cargo containers arriving at Sydney's Port Botany. They found 750 kilos of methylamphetamine concealed within the marble stone.

Specialist officers discovered a further 1,060 kg of meth hidden in marble stone last week when they targeted an additional number of containers at Port Botany.

State Crime Command Acting Director of Operations, Detective Chief Superintendent John Watson, said in a press release the fact that police have seized a further tonne of the drug just “shows how little regard these types of groups have for the wellbeing of the community.”

He told reporters on Aug. 26 that the “insidious drug” “rips apart people’s lives, families and local communities.”

As a result of the investigation, more than 1,800 kg of ice, worth an estimated $1.6 billion, has been seized.

26 August 2022


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