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Hypersonic missiles from Russia can't be stopped, said Biden, adding they are consequential

Photo Credit: BIDEN (Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz)

Biden described Russia's alleged firing of hypersonic missiles in the Ukraine conflict as a "consequential" action.

There is no way that they will get through with absolute certainty unless they launch their hypersonic missile [in Ukraine]. It’s–as you all know, it’s a consequential weapon,” Biden remarked this week, adding that “it’s almost impossible to stop it. There’s a reason they’re using it.” Russian defense officials reported their military used hypersonic missiles to attack ammunition warehouses and fuel depots in Ukraine, making it the first time such a weapon has been used in battle.

However, other White House officials downplayed the development as a diversionary tactic.

The Pentagon chief told CBS News this week that he did not see it as a game-changer.

“I would not see it as a game-changer,” Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin told CBS News this week. “I think the reason he is resorting to using these types of weapons is because he is trying to reestablish some momentum. And again, we’ve seen him attack towns and cities and civilians outright, [and] we expect to see that continue.”

John Kirby, a Pentagon spokesman, said Monday that it was unclear if Moscow used hypersonic missiles during the conflict, which travel many times faster than sound.

23 March 2022


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