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Human rights are protected in the UK?

Human rights are significantly impacted in the UK due to the government's reaction to COVID-19. A nongovernmental organization, the Human Rights Measurement Initiative, wrote this in its report on human rights for 2021.

HRMI states that "a thorough survey among human rights specialists reveals that many people in the United Kingdom lack access to civil liberties and political freedoms."

A report also mentions children in the United Kingdom being subject to the full scope of the law when they violate COVID-19 lockdowns. Further, the report shows that British citizens who violated COVID-19 guidelines have been subjected to "arbitrary arrest-based arrests", with police often detaining people without a warrant by using the phrase "the spirit of the law.".

Of course, all this apparent “disdain for the rule of law” does not come as a surprise for those who are aware of the fact that, in the United Kingdom, the traditional concept of “parliamentary sovereignty” remains applied in its fullest extent.

13 June 2022


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