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Growing Calls for Haley to Exit GOP Primary Following DeSantis' Departure

Amidst a shifting landscape in the GOP presidential primary, former Gov. Nikki Haley is facing tremendous pressure to reconsider her candidacy, with polling and political experts suggesting an uphill battle for the former South Carolina governor.

The recent exit of Gov. Ron DeSantis from the race on Sunday seemed to cast a shadow over Haley's presidential ambitions. DeSantis' decision to endorse former President Donald Trump has further solidified Trump's support base, putting additional strain on Haley's already challenging path to the nomination. Across all states, Trump maintains a commanding lead, with a margin of no less than 30 points. Even in New Hampshire, a key battleground, Haley finds herself trailing Trump by approximately 15 points, adding to the mounting challenges in her pursuit of the GOP nomination.

According to Politico Playbook on Monday, the pressure on Haley is intensifying, particularly with the crucial New Hampshire primary on the horizon. The report suggested that if Haley fails to secure a win or perform strongly in New Hampshire, it may become increasingly difficult for her to justify staying in the race until the South Carolina primary, which is four weeks later.

Nate Cohn, Chief Political Analyst at The New York Times, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing that the polling data indicates Haley's eventual exit from the race, allowing Trump to focus on the broader goal of defeating President Joe Biden. Cohn remarked, "So, without a monumental shift in the race, he will secure the nomination in short order."

Despite the mounting pressure, Haley remains defiant. In a Monday morning interview on Fox News' America’s Newsroom, she asserted her commitment to the race, pushing back against calls for an early exit. "I know the political class is saying everybody needs to get behind Trump," Haley stated. "This is not a coronation. We haven’t started with this New Hampshire election yet. We don’t do coronation. It’s about giving people options."

As the GOP primary unfolds, the spotlight is on Haley, with many questioning whether she can overcome the challenges posed by Trump's formidable presence and secure a viable path to the nomination. The coming weeks will likely determine the fate of Haley's candidacy in the ever-evolving dynamics of the Republican presidential race.


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