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Governor of Virginia wants school mask mandates to end by March 1

The Virginia General Assembly will soon have the opportunity to end its school mask mandate if Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin's amendments to recently-passed legislation are adopted.

Parents and students can opt out of school mandates due to a bill that was passed Monday by the legislature. Unfortunately, the legislation is not in effect until July 1.

Youngkin added an emergency clause to the bill on Monday night, allowing it to take effect immediately. Additionally, he extended the deadline for school districts to develop plans to comply with the law until March 1.

Both legislative chambers must now approve the amended bill with a majority vote. Advocates of the amended bill are optimistic that the bill can be passed by the legislature within a few days.

The first executive order Youngkin issued as governor addressed the mask mandates. Local school boards have filed legal challenges alleging it usurps their authority, stalling the order.

17 Feb 2022


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