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GOP races dominate Tuesday's Virginia primary

On June 21, two Virginia congressional districts will hold Republican primaries featuring competitive campaigns and crowded slates of candidates.

The primary schedule for June 21 consists only of Virginia and the District of Columbia. In Georgia and Alabama, some voters will head to the polls to finish business left unfinished after the primaries.

The GOP in Virginia will pick candidates to challenge Democratic incumbents in two congressional districts the party believes it can turn around from a Democratic majority to a Republican majority and flip the commonwealth's 7-4 number of representatives to a 6-5 number.

Virginia’s CD 2 and CD 7 are among 22 congressional districts nationwide occupied by incumbent Democrats that the Cook Partisan Voting Index (CPVI) rates as “tossups” likely to produce significant congressional gains for Republicans.

Six candidates are vying for a party nomination to advance to November's general election in Virginia's CD 6. Four of those candidates have raised more than $500,000.

The winner will take on Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-Va.), who does not face a primary challenge. A former CIA officer seeking a third term, Spanberger’s June 1 FEC campaign filing reported $4 million in cash on hand, ready to spend on retaining her seat.

20 June 2022


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