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G-7 countries have a 'new impetus' to cut food tariffs, says UK PM

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Wednesday there is a renewed push among Group of Seven (G-7) nations to cut food tariffs, adding that US President Joe Biden plans to cut $178 billion worth of tariffs.

Johnson told reporters on Wednesday that he wants to eliminate tariffs on food that the UK does not produce during his trip with him to the NATO summit in Madrid.

After attending the G-7 summit in Germany, Johnson found "a new impetus" for reducing food tariffs among the seven democracies.

“What I would say is that it is going to continue to be an issue for a while,” he said, “but I do think that we will find solutions.” “Very interestingly at the G-7, there’s a new impetus to cut food tariffs,” he said.

Globally, food tariffs total $750 billion [£617 billion]. President Joe Biden is going to cut $178 billion [£146 billion] from the budget.

30 June 2022


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