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Former President Trump calls the Russian invasion a Holocaust and calls on Russia to stop the War

(Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour)

Former President Trump has characterized the Russian attack on Ukraine as "a holocaust" and urged Russia to stop fighting.

In an interview with Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo on Wednesday, Former President Trump said Russia had "to stop killing these people" and suggested a deal could be reached.

In a wide-ranging interview, Former President Trump also criticized the Biden administration's handling of the Russia-Ukraine crisis, which was the topic of President Biden's State of the Union address.

In an interview Former President Trump says the conflict would not have happened if he were still president.

In response to Trump's statement that "something can be done with [Russia] right now," Bartiromo asked, "and what is the solution?"

“Well, you have to work out a deal. They have to stop killing these people," Trump answered. "They're killing all of these people, and they have to stop it, and they have to stop it now.

“But they don't respect the United States and the United States is like, I don't know, they’re not doing anything about it. This is a — this is a holocaust. This is a horrible thing that's happening. You're witnessing and you're seeing it on television every night.”

2 March 2022


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