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Food inflation and political bias: Study

Despite rising grocery prices, not everyone complains about rising prices to the same extent about inflation. American political views influence how they feel about food inflation, according to a new study.

Having a different perception of rising costs is found to be a significant difference between liberals and conservatives, according to a survey conducted by Purdue University's Center for Food Demand Analysis and Sustainability. According to a study of 1,200 Americans, liberals are way too optimistic about food inflation.

Over the past year, liberals say food prices have been less volatile than conservatives, and they expect future inflation to be less severe. On the other hand, conservatives and liberals have some common ground when it comes to expenditures. On average, consumers spend $114 on groceries per week and $67 on restaurants and takeout meals. Across the political spectrum, food expenditures are almost identical. Conservatives estimate food price inflation as being approximately 3 to 4 percentage points higher than liberals.

21 September 2022


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