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Food aid offered by South Korea for denuclearization with North Korea

South Korea's president has outlined what he called an "audacious plan" to improve North Korea's economy and achieve "sustainable peace" on the peninsula in exchange for complete denuclearization.

Yoon Suk-yeol asked Pyongyang to begin "a genuine and substantive process of denuclearization" during a ceremony commemorating South Korea's independence from Japanese colonial rule 1910–45.

In exchange for Kim Jong Un's nuclear program ending, Yoon is promising Pyongyang an economic plan that will "significantly improve the economy and livelihood of the people in North Korea."

“We will implement a large-scale food program; provide assistance for power generation, transmission, and distribution infrastructure; and carry out projects to modernize ports and airports for international trade,” he said.

Furthermore, Yoon proposed the implementation of international investments and financial support initiatives to enhance Pyongyang's agricultural productivity and modernize its hospitals and medical infrastructure.

15 August 2022


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