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Following the Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan, Christian persecution is expected to increase

Release Worldwide is warning of a surge in assaults against Christians throughout Afghanistan and the region as just a result of the Taliban's quick control of the country following the withdrawal of US and NATO troops. The international community was taken aback by the rapidity with which the Taliban took back control of the country.

One church leader in Afghanistan told the charity that Christians there are living in great fear. They include some Christians who worked for the government and are now at risk of reprisals.

According to Release, persecution of Christians began long before the Taliban took power, with the churches pushed underground because of strict blasphemy laws that make changing from Islam carries the death penalty or jail.

While thousands of Afghans, including many Christians, are fleeing to Pakistan, Release warnings of risks there as well, because as Taliban's presence in the nation grows.

Release partners fear that the takeover in Afghanistan may destabilize north-western Pakistan.

"Pakistan especially may be impacted by the new mood of militancy – which will be bad news for Christians across the region," said Mr. Robinson.

16 August 2021


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