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Florida school district audit shows officials often don't know their own curriculum

In Central Florida, a high school was forced to deprive about 40 students of college credits because it did not follow state law, its own founding charter, or sponsor the district's stated policy.

There is no evidence that local administrators devised a plot to deceive parents in the Lake Wales Charter Schools, and the story is barely newsworthy outside the small city of Polk County.

County Citizens Defending Freedom-USA maintains that what happened in Lake Wales is routine in school districts across the country because no one is watching, and those who are, find themselves faced with layers of bureaucracy obscuring transparency and accountability.

It received email exchanges between Lake Wales and Polk County district officials about a dual enrollment program for high school students.

“There are those who think this book is appropriate. We wholeheartedly disagree,” said Nelson, who served four years on the Lake Wales City Commission before serving on the Lake Wales school board for six years.

5 April 2022


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